Blue Dye Flower-Rimmed Plate - Deep

Blue Dye Flower-Rimmed Plate - Deep

Blue Dye Flower-Rimmed Plate - Deep

The Ancient Chinese were inspired by nature to shape the rims of dining vessels into flowers. This Blue Dye Flower-Rimmed Plate is a reimagined version of the classic flower rim, with its edges and curves arranged in a pattern going in the same direction, just like a flower in full bloom. The gradient blue color spreads around the edges, giving the plate a 3-dimensional effect and an elegant visual quality.

The bone powder content for the plate is 43%, which far exceeds the international bone china standards.

Dimensions: D20 x H4.2 cm


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The unique glazing technique used to produce the Blue Dye series involves gentle dabbing of the indigo blue color glaze onto the surface of each object. After the color has been dabbed twice by highly skilled craftsmen, the object is fired repeatedly at a high temperature to achieve the blue halo effect seen on the final vessel. Such meticulous work full of human touch is becoming unusual in today's field of everyday porcelain.

The bone powder content for the bowl is 43%, which far exceeds the international bone china standards. Compared to ordinary white porcelain, bone china is light and thin, delicate and translucent, with a crisp and clear sound when tapped and twice as hard as everyday porcelain.

More Information
Place of Origin Greater China
Primary Material Bone China
Primary Color White
Dimensions D20 x H4.2 cm
Customizable Yes
MSRP US$66.60
Care instruction • The product is fragile, so it should be handled gently when in use and stored with care to prevent shock, crush and collision.
• It can be used for heating food in the microwave oven, but any ceramic with gold or platinum inlay cannot be used in the microwave oven.
• Do not place the porcelain in an environment where there is a sharp change in temperature.
• Wash by hand or in the dishwasher with a mild dishwashing detergent. When cleaning, it is recommended to place a rubber sink mat or a thick towel at the bottom of the sink. Coffee and tea stains can be cleaned with toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
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The color of the tinted section can be customized
Size and general shape cannot be changed.

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