Vermillion is Asia’s first business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce luxury platform that curates distinctive products from designers and creators across the region for the world’s most discerning retailers, hospitality groups, design professionals and merchandisers.

We aspire to do more than just sell crafted luxury. We strive to conserve and convey Asian heritage, philosophies and values whilst educating and stimulating the global buyer.

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Elevate and catalyze Asian luxury lifestyle design for a global market.


‘Vermillion’ is a vibrant red pigment extracted from the mineral cinnabar that symbolizes victory, success and the duality of life for many cultures across the globe. From 7000 BC, vermillion has played an integral role in the art produced by ancient civilizations, illustrated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, Hindu festivities, as well as lacquerware across Asia.

To us, Vermillion represents Asia’s creative community – energetic, versatile, soulful, and resilient. Passionate about creating a new lifestyle manifesto, these Asian designers and brands are the pulsating heartbeat of our company. Their distinctive point of view helps us curate the ‘Best of Asia’ for discerning tastemakers far beyond the region.

The Vermillion logo encompasses a circular symbol that incorporates the characters of our company's Chinese name, and signifies continuity between past, present and future. Resembling a lattice screen, it represents a window to the world of Asian design. Together with our network of creators and artisans, we hope that our synergistic values will revolutionize the face of luxury wholesale.

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