A window into the world of Asian art, design, and craftsmanship, Vermillion helps connoisseurs discover the works of exceptional artists and creators from the region.

We have scoured the luxury lifestyle space across Asia and curated a collection of home décor and lifestyle products with stories to tell. Our hand-picked selection of artists and creators is defined by a mission to conserve our collective regional heritage while providing a fresh perspective for interior designers, hospitality groups, retailers, and merchandisers across the globe.

Whether you are looking to bring a space to life with objects that tell stories or convey your own brand values through gifts with quality and impact, our team is dedicated to guiding you on a hassle-free buying journey full of discovery and inspiration.



‘Vermillion’ is a vibrant red pigment extracted from the mineral cinnabar that has long symbolized victory, success, and the duality of life for many cultures across the globe. From 7000 BC, vermillion has played an integral role in not only ancient Chinese scholarly and imperial culture, East Asian lacquerware, but also Hindu festivities, ancient Roman triumphs, and the illustrated manuscripts of the European Middle Ages.

We are inspired by this substance that has been interpreted by so many different cultures, with gloriously diverse results. We celebrate the deep roots of heritage crafts – and the divergence and ingenuity by which they are integrated into modern life. To us, vermillion represents the pulsing heartbeat of our company – the talented Asian designers and brands we represent. Their distinctive point of view helps us curate the ‘Best of Asia’ for discerning tastemakers far beyond the region.

The Vermillion logo includes a circular symbol that incorporates the characters of our company's Chinese name, and signifies continuity between past, present, and future. Resembling a lattice screen, it represents a window to the world of Asian design.