Unique Finds for Lunar New Year

Words by: Gavin Yeung and Tanya Singh


Discover Asia’s most unique designs that will inspire and add flair to your celebrations in the Lunar New Year.


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Lunar New Year is perhaps the main event to look forward to across Asia, such are its promises of reuniting with family, feasting on fine fare, and basking in the vibrant hues of the season. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, marking an occasion to be more joyous than ever before, whether it's in daily life or in the way you express yourself creatively.

To ease you into a festive state of mind, we at Vermillion are excited to unveil our Lunar New Year Gift Edit, curated in accordance with our mission to highlight the most promising names in Asian craft and design. You'll find many traditional auspicious symbols imbued throughout, from the Maneki Neko, the lucky cat that brings luck and fortune, to the Foo Dogs, guardian lions that represent success and prosperity.

From setting the scene for your family reunion to relaxing in style afterwards, keep reading for our assortment of gifts to celebrate this uniquely Asian occasion.




Red and Gold


Lunar New Year is nothing if not a time spent in the long-awaited company of the entire family. This normally takes the form of large family reunion dinners, making it all the more essential to bring out festive goodies and auspicious décor that can help set the mood for the night ahead. Our picks of tableware and delicious treats from brands like Yi Er Room, PIN Cookies, SAICHO, and 5IVE SIS are designed to have your dinner table ready to impress with a varied and eye-catching palette. Let the feast begin!




Bloom in Wealth


It’s never an easy feat pulling off a big dinner, especially one as grand as the Lunar New Year feast. That’s why we’ve got you covered for the inevitable post-dinner daze when you’re too busy dealing with digestion. Here is an ensemble of all the things you would need to wind down from the celebrations, from beautiful teaware and refreshing teas to calming scents for pampering yourself before you repeat the process all over again. This edit includes products from Oncha Lab, PIN Cookies, byLeona, NestBloom, and INJIA ART.






Bring in the new year by presenting a token of your appreciation to friends and family. From an inspired modern heirloom to a contemporary home décor piece with cultural reflections, share the gift of great design with your loved ones and bless them with luck and success. Our selection of auspicious designs is lovingly created by Let’s Talk Glass, PIN Cookies, LiaoCao, NestBloom, and Soul Art Shop.


Find your perfect beginning to the Year of the Rabbit from our Lunar New Year Gifting Edit.