5-Year Pu'er Linglong Brick Ripe Tea - Fishing

5-Year Pu'er Linglong Brick Ripe Tea (Fishing)

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5-Year Pu'er Linglong Brick Ripe Tea (Fishing)

The 5-Year Pu'er Linglong Brick Ripe Tea is made using raw material from the forests of the Bulang Mountain in Menghai County. The tea comes in the form of small tea bricks which are convenient for brewing and portable. The color of the processed and dried ripe tea bricks is black or reddish brown. The color of the tea itself is deep red.

The tea packs are available in a range of external package designs that are a combination of tradiitonal motifs with popular culture.

Available in 3 packaging designs - Playing Children, Fishing, and Blue and White Brocade.

Please contact cs@vermillionlifestyle.com if you'd like to order more than 10 boxes.


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This product contains ripe Pu'er Tea. Both raw and ripe tea have numerous health benefits including eliminating fat and grease, clearing summer heat, facilitating detoxification, solving and relieving symptoms of diuresis, dispelling wind, boosting energy, prolonging life and more.

There are some significant differences between raw tea and ripe tea.

Raw tea is rich in tea polyphenols, cool in nature, and can help to clear heat, detoxify, quench thirts, and regulate bowel movements. It is suitable for young people. It has more active ingredients and therefore is not suitable for people who are prone to insomnia, colds and fevers, gastric ulcers, or pregnant women.

Ripe tea is mild in nature, and can help to lower blood fat and blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, constipation, diuresis, and nourish the stomach. It is suitable for most people, but most beneficial for middle-aged and elderly people and people with cold stomachs.

All Oncha Teas are:
- Produced using patented technology that extracts aroma from flowers and fruits with as much freshness and nutritional content as possible.
- Created from ingredients grown in core production areas for that authentic taste.
- Contains no added sugars.
- Packaged in high-quality, biodegradable tea bags.

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Lead Time Ships within 1 Week
Large Order Lead Time 500-2,000 boxes: 2 days
2,000-5,000 boxes: 5 days
Place of Origin Greater China
Primary Material Beverages
Primary Color Green
Dimensions L12 x W12 x H14 cm
Customizable Yes
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Logo can be printed on the external and internal packaging. The minimum order quantity is 500 boxes.
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