Tastemaker interView: Fion Lee

Words by: Fion Lee


Get inspired with Fion Lee, interior designer and Creative Director of The Editors Company as she talks about her passion for Asian designs and her favorite Vermillion brand.


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The Creative Director of The Editors Company, Fion is an interior designer with more than 8 years of experience designing for hospitality projects such as Grand Hyatt and Four Seasons, Onsen Hotel in Niseko, and various residential and F&B projects. 


Fion Lee_2Fion Lee, interior designer and Creative Director of The Editors Company


What Asian philosophies or traditions are you drawn to?


Growing up Asian, I have always admired every piece of traditional Asian furniture or accessory and believe each piece has its own story. There is something poetic about this that is empowering yet fascinating at the same time. 


Fion Lee_3Abacus Chair by SUYAB Furniture


What's one thing that defines good Asian Design to you?


The flow is always important, making a good transition from one end to the other needs to have a good flow naturally. Asian Design is generally not minimalistic, so it's important to complement its features with more minimal design. When it comes to interior design, it's important to visualize how people will move about and use a space to decide how the design should "guide" them through it. 


Fion Lee_4Interior inspirations featuring ipse ipsa ipsum's products


Who is your favorite Vermillion brand/creator and why?


I really like the Singaporean homeware and furniture brand ipse ipsa ipsum. There is something special about their choice of materials and craftsmanship that makes them really unique. I love how they use traditional techniques with a contemporary twist, and how they incorporate brass accents to achieve an elegant, luxurious finish. I admire their motivation to transform ordinary living spaces into extraordinary places.


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