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Sensory Wellness

Words by: Tanya Singh

Enhance your wellness journey with our product picks for awakening and rejuvenating all five senses. 


One of the best ways to begin a wellness journey is increasing contact with nature. Being in natural surroundings awakens all the five senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch. But what if you could achieve the same results within the comfort of your home and whenever you wanted? Here are some products from the Vermillion portfolio to help you find the same respite and rejuvenate your mind.


A revolutionary brand of our times, NestBloom specializes in the creation of epicurean edible beauty products featuring Bird's Nest as its main ingredient – a unique, new wellness concept we owe to the brand. Each "bloom" is perfection, hand-crafted to incorporate the best recipes, and the finest harvests, including Bird's Nest, ethically sourced from all over the world to ensure impeccable quality. 

Wellness_02Left to right: The Signature Assortment of 4 by Nestbloom, and 3in1 Superfood Uji Matcha and 3in1 Superfood Chocolate by Plantogenic.

A brainchild of certified health coach and wellness advocate, Savita 'May' Sresthaporn, Plantogenic leverages Asian superfoods to bring traditional wisdom to contemporary consumers with healthy, delicious beverages and effective supplements. From capsules to herbal blends, the brand integrates traditional Thai and Chinese medical wisdom with modern knowledge to create products that allow for daily nourishment and natural remedies to the body and mind.


Elevate your mood and serenade your senses with fragrances by The BLOMSTRE, a wellness brand based in Hong Kong. Founded by a husband-wife duo, the brand is dedicated towards producing eco-friendly products, from essential oils and scented candles to room and linen sprays, that are locally and thoughtfully made. 

Wellness_03Left to right: The Kundiman Soy Wax Candle with a fragrance blend of sea salt, orchids, lily of the valley, wood, and tonka bean, and the Sunny Fortune - Citrine Crystal Aroma Candle by Gerel Gilvaa.

Going one step further into the wellness sphere, Gerel Gilvaa produces candles embedded with healing crystals. Founded by Mona and Jenna, two Mongolian entrepreneurs united in their love for nature, crystals, and essential oils, the brand aims to leverage the healing energy of nature and helps each soul find its own inner light.


Illustrator and artist, Arty Guava creates works of art that are inspired by memories of her childhood in Malaysia and its natural surroundings. Featuring vibrant flowers, celebratory poses, and animals moving freely through the wild, her joyful designs are sprinkled with a hint of fantasy and convey a buoyant lust for life. 

Wellness_04From left to right: Me Time by Arty Guava and Black & White 100cm Canvas Resin Painting by agape.

Hong Kong's first resin art brand founded by artist Rolland Cheung, agape delivers mesmerizing works of art that calm the mind and feed the soul. The mission of the studio is to produce unexpected art experiences and lead people to an immersive resin art world.


LinNe Orin is one of the few foundries in Japan that specialize in the manufacture of sounding Shinto and Buddhist ritual objects for shrines, temples, and homes, using traditional techniques developed over the 190 years since the company was founded. From mold-making to finishing, each piece is made by hand, using only a combination of copper and tin called "sahari" as the material. The result is a compact singing object that intimately resonate within the hearts of its users.

Wellness_05Left to right: Singing Chibis by LinNe Orin and the Resonance Speakers (Sahara Orin) by Delta Blues Audio.

Delivering authentic sound with a modern twist, Delta Blues Audio is home to the award-winning, patented Resonance Disc. The revolutionary appliance extends the decay of a sound signal and improves stereo imaging as compared with traditional boxed speakers. Based in Hong Kong, the brand strives for innovation in every product and guarantees an immersive sound experience.


Founded by Jake Glibbery and Matt Coulthard, two British expatriates based in Hong Kong, DORMU was born out of a quest for restful sleep in the hustle-bustle of the city environment. Inspired by research into therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets, the brand offers a range of products with the goal of marrying luxury feel with sustainable materials. DORMU prides itself on delivering science-supported sleep solutions, including blankets, bedding, and pillows, to help you sleep better and reduce stress.

Wellness_06From left to right: The DORMU Snuggler Weighted Blanket and the Suvé Cleansing Brush Set by SHAQUDA.

SHAQUDA is an innovative brand based in Japan developing brushes born from the fusion of traditional Kumano craftsmanship and modern design. The artisans from the scenic mountain town of Kumano put their heart and soul into every brush, tapping into their extraordinary ability to select the right hairs, hand finish each brush tip, and carve out the perfect brush shape to fit into a hand using traditional koma tools. Simple, gracious, and detailed with a sophisticated yet expressive design, SHAQUDA ushers in a new era of ideal brush aesthetic.

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