Raise the Bar

Words by: Tanya Singh


Upgrade your drinking experience with our exquisite selection of barware.



A well-crafted cocktail is more than just a drink – it's an experience. The art of mixology is all about balance, precision, and presentation, and having the right barware can significantly enhance that experience. At Vermillion Lifestyle, we take pride in curating exceptional products that cater to the finer things in life.

In this showcase, we present a selection of barware products from renowned brands that will undoubtedly raise the bar of your drinking rituals.


Pewter Perfect


From left to right: The Birth Month Flowers Wine Glasses (Set of 12) and the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Wine Glass by 5IVESIS.


5IVESIS, the Thailand-based brand, masterfully intertwines tradition with contemporary aesthetics, creating barware pieces that stand as true works of art. The exquisite Chinese Zodiac Glasses Sets stand out in their collection, where each glass is adorned with a pewter likeness of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac. Additionally, 5IVESIS showcases their expertise in design with their Classic Bar Glasses range. These glasses boast clean lines and sleek curves, embodying a minimalist sophistication that elevates any cocktail presentation.


Modern Chic


From left to right: The Pillar Crystal Drinking Glasses and the Mint Crystal Drinking Glasses by MU16.


Founded by Sean, Allen + Meng Du from Beijing in 2021, MU16 is a young start-up crystalware brand re-defining wine, whiskey, champagne, cognac, and drinking glasses. ​The brand is committed to producing homeware made of lead-free crystal and proudly merges cutting artistry and hand-blowing techniques with modern design technologies. ​Our favorites from their extensive range include the Cosmos Collection as well as the Dolce Collection. The Cosmos Collection with its intriguing designs is inspired by the infinite universe while the Dolce Collection takes its cue from the rainbow representing the sweet taste of life.


Tradition with a Golden Twist


Geochang Yugi, a tableware brand based in South Korea, works with a unique technique that has been passed down from generation to generation over 100 years. Established in 1924, the brand creates tableware that reveals the original value of the materials, unlike products that are produced mechanically at a factory. Their Liquor Chalices are made with perfectly rounded edges, using a technique that takes a lot of practice to perfect. The sound that the chalices create helps bring calm and peace to mind and soul. Each box contains two chalices packaged in a beautiful gift box.


From left to right: The Liquor Chalices by Geochang Yugi and the Pineapple Ice Bucket by ipse ipsa ipsum.


Quirky Charm


The Pineapple Ice Bucket by ipse ipsa ipsum is a delightful addition to any bar setup. Crafted in the shape of a pineapple, this ice bucket adds a playful touch to your gatherings. Beyond its charming exterior, it boasts ample space to keep your ice perfectly chilled, ensuring your cocktails stay refreshing throughout the evening. With this ice bucket, functionality meets quirkiness in the most delightful way.


Vermillion Lifestyle offers a curated selection of barware products that cater to every taste, from modern minimalism to artistic flair. Representing brands and unique items from all over the region, we guarantee to transform your bar into a haven of luxury and refinement. Elevate your drinking rituals and make every cocktail a memorable experience with these exceptional barware pieces.