Saline (16)

Saline (16)


Saline (16)

Along the coast between Trapani and Marsala lies an evocative landscape of saline (shallow salt pools) and windmills. The salt from these marshes is considered Italy’s finest and has been big business for centuries. The Saline Sculptural Vase is made by hand with the landscape of saline in mind.

The vase is made of stoneware clay added to firesand and mixed with porcelain clay. The result of this process is a unique texture. The piece has a matte surface, and is raw and unglazed. The stoneware fires on a slow burning curve at different temperatures to allow the natural color to come out. The vase is watertight and can be used for minimal floral arrangements or as a sculptural element.

Dimensions: L18 x W4 x H24.5 cm


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This product is made by hand. Slight variations in color, size, and design should be expected and should not be seen as flaws. Surface irregularities are an inherent part of the design. They contribute to the uniqueness of the product.
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Place of OriginGreater China
Primary MaterialCeramics
Primary ColorCream
DimensionsL18 x W4 x H24.5 cm
Care InstructionStoneware pieces must be handled carefully to prevent any damage. Hand rinse only - not dishwasher safe. Stoneware is a semi-porous material, so to prevent sweating and condensation on a surface, the piece has to dry out completely before refilling. Depending on the surface you place the piece, you may attach felt to the bottom of the sculpture to avoid marks.
Product CategoriesDecor / Objects / Buy At Retail / Vermillion Pop Up / Urban Vibrancy
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