CLOUDI Suspension Ceiling Light

CLOUDI Suspension Ceiling Light

CLOUDI Suspension Ceiling Light

Rain is the essence of life on our planet. The Earth is composed of 97.5% unusable saltwater and only 2.5% fresh water. Rain is essential for the survival of all biological species and our planet itself. We also have an intense romantic notion of rain adopted from movies and literature. Listening to the gentle ripples of droplets colliding over static puddles and observing cascading streams of water flowing over tactile surfaces evokes a sense of chaos and serenity at the same time.

Circular acrylic disc of 3 different sizes at 5 mm thickness are laser engraved with gradient distance cylindrical lines that absorbs light from the design’s central lighting organization. This recreates the ripple effect of rain drops over static water. Once illuminated, the ceiling lamp will becomes an artistic installation of ripples above the user and installed interior space.

SUGO design also took inspiration from the Chinese believe that water as an element can bring luck and fortune to any given situations. Like FLY, RAIN with its modular system can be either a single entity or a cluster of RAINing elements. The more that are installed, the more spectacular the interior space becomes.

Dimensions: L140 x W8 x H68 cm


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All SUGO lighting sculptures are integrated with the latest generation of Photocatalytic Environment Cleansing Technology that can permanently eliminate all strands of Corona Virus, 99.9% Bacteria, and Industrial Pollutants activated only with natural light and circulating air. The technology is tested and certified in Italy and Thailand using SUGO's own Italian In-House Scientific Research Team.

SUGO is the world's first company to employ this technology into groundbreaking artwork.

Certification documentation is available on request.

More Information
Place of Origin Greater China
Primary Material Stainless steel
Dimensions L140 x W8 x H68 cm
Customizable Yes
MSRP US$2,278.00
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Electrical Specifications
Bulb Type Custom LED Strip
Bulb Supplied Yes
Max Wattage 15W
Dimmable Yes
Certifications PSE, CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC
Color Temp 3000K
CRI 93+
Custom colors and finishing are applicable at an additional cost.

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