Ceramic Tumbler Set

Ceramic Tumbler Set

Ceramic Tumbler Set

This ceramic tumbler set includes 1 wine carafe and 4 tumblers. The tumblers are produced using a slip casting method which is then perfected by hand, and employed with Yingqing glaze from Jingdezhen, which gives them a bright and elegant aesthetic. Each tumbler is of a different shape, including a circle, a square, a peach and a begonia, all of which are inspired by the windows of traditional Chinese gardens, and are symbols for auspiciousness.

This tumbler set is designed for drinking with friends at a gathering, or simply enjoying by yourself under the moonlight.

Carafe: L6.4 x W6.4 x H16 cm (95ml)
Tumbler: L4.2 x W4.2 x H5.8 cm (25ml)


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Large Order Lead Time 1-10 sets: 7 days
11-30 sets: 14 days
31-100 sets: 30 days
Place of Origin Greater China
Primary Material Ceramics
Primary Color White
Dimensions Carafe: L6.4 x W6.4 x H16 cm (95ml)
Tumbler: L4.2 x W4.2 x H5.8 cm (25ml)
Customizable No
Care Instruction Use: Please avoid scratching the surface with sharp objects, as bone china items are delicate.

Cleaning: Gently wash with warm water (below 30°C).

Maintenance: Please lightly polish with toothpaste to reduce minor marks or scratches.

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