Tastemaker interView: Sherwin Tsang

Words by: Sherwin Tsang


One of the minds behind Hong Kong’s very first holistic wellness festival, Sherwin Tsang talks about all things wellness.




Sherwin Tsang, founder of Be. Well., Hong Kong's first holistic wellness consulting firm, has been recognized with the Women in Wellness in Hong Kong award for two consecutive years. A lawyer by training, Sherwin has always been passionate about wellness and business strategy. She was the driving force behind the wellness business unit of a global hospitality group. In addition, she has also made a remarkable contribution to the wellness industry, first as a market player and later as a leader. Sherwin was at the helm of the first holistic wellness festival in Hong Kong and brought together wellness players and talents from across the region. During her wellness consulting career, she has demonstrated that wellness can be a driving force to activate under-utilized real estate space and can be activated as a sustainable revenue stream. 




How have the Asian philosophies around winformed the development of the Be Well. Festival?


The concept of holistic wellness has always been a governing philosophy for most Asian cultures. Chinese medicine is a wonderful example that embodies the concept of finding an ever-changing equilibrium. Everything we do must be all rounded, holistic, which really is the essence of Be. Well.


What are your five must-haves for a self-care routine?


My self-care routine is much more holistic. It is something I practice throughout the day. The five things that are most important to me are:

  • physical wellness through yoga
  • mental wellness through weekly therapy sessions with my counsellors, even when I am in a happy state
  • social wellness through laughter sessions
  • environmental wellness with a walk allowing me to slow down
  • financial wellness through regular financial planning 


Chinoiserie Yoga Mat by White Labelling


Who is your favorite Vermillion wellness brand/creator and why?


The White Labelling yoga mats are my favorite because of the aesthetics and the material used. The brand has reshaped what yoga mat really is - it is a canvas, an affordable art piece where yoga mats no longer need to be rolled way. White Labelling's design is inspired by the Asian culture and uses a lot of Chinoiserie prints. It is the perfect marriage between art and wellness.

Additionally, the yoga mats are eco-friendly. The mats are made of vegan suede and natural rubber, which means the entire mat is recyclable and biodegradable.


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