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Tastemaker interView: Christina Lau Tam + Amy Powell

Words by: Christina Lau Tam and Amy Powell


Christina and Amy, the visionaries behind TOASST, a wine subscription setup aimed at redefining the consumer experience, share insights on traditions and celebrations.




Christina and Amy first met at a wine tasting in Hong Kong. Communications specialists by day and wine lovers in the afterhours, quickly built a strong friendship based on shared interests. Together, they built TOASST – a brand aiming to redefine the wine experience, one box at a time. They source wines from around the world focusing on small producers, up and coming wine regions, and lesser-known varietals. These restaurant quality selections are delivered to members to their door monthly or quarterly.



What Asian culinary traditions are you drawn to?


CLT: Growing up in the United States to immigrant parents, it was our Chinese culinary traditions that my parents reinforced that brought us together as a family. Whether it was using chopsticks, sitting around the round table and watching so many plates of steaming food whirl around the lazy Susan, or ordering dishes meant to be shared family-style at the table, these small things always bring me back to those days as a child.

AP: I love a good dim sum lunch on the weekends, sitting around a big table sharing steaming bamboo baskets and plates of little bites, washed down with strong pu-er tea. I’m also a huge fan of all types of Asian noodles - little gives me more pleasure than sitting down with a big bowl of pho or ramen with a pair of chopsticks and a soup spoon and just slurping. A small Japanese tradition I have always loved is refilling your companion’s sake glass before your own. I think that little gesture says so much about the Asian culture as a whole.


What are your 5 must-haves for entertaining at home during the festive season?


CLT: Great, approachable food-friendly wines, delicious snacks, fun Spotify playlist, lots of candles and a bit of glitter or festive décor, of course!

AP: A great cheese spread, food friendly wines including plenty of bubbles, a lovely and functional ice bucket, lots of candles for a warm glow, and lastly, Vince Gauraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas album!




Who is your favorite Vermillion brand/creator and why?


CLT: I love the idea behind the Aurum Mini Edible Gold. As a fan of all things shiny, these edible gold flakes make great gifts and elevate the every day when it comes to dressing up anything from a cheese platter to dessert tray. 

AP: I love the whimsical ceramics by of Joyce. Lung Yuet Ching. The hand of the creator seems evident in all her works and I love the reverence for culture and history combined with the light-hearted approach like planters with human faces.


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