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ANADA: Sustainable for All

Words by: Tanya Singh

Photo credit: ANADA


Adopting a holistic approach to sustainability, ANADA is building a healthy, happy future. 



A journey fueled by a shared passion for holistic sustainability, ANADA was founded by husband-wife duo Will Shea and Anysia Imada Kristanti in 2019 to meet a growing demand for quality and good value sustainable Indonesian products. "We have always looked at sustainability as a holistic thing – it is not just about the environment, it is also about humans, social and cultural aspects, and the economics of it all. All these things have to work together for something to be truly sustainable," said Will. 


The co-founders of ANADA, Will and Anysia.


Anysia, originally from Java, has a background in biotechnical science wherein she focused on studying the use of natural materials to create cosmetics and other consumer products. Will permanently moved to Indonesia from Australia almost a decade ago after finishing a degree in international and community development and has worked on a number health, education, and environment programs across the country. Their paths collided in Yogyakarta in 2015 and became the first milestone in the incredible adventure they have been on since.

Anysia and Will relocated to Bali in 2017 and started their first business in documentary filmmaking – something they have continued to build on in their mission to educate the world about the treasure trove of natural resources and knowledge in Indonesia. When the two moved to Bali, Anysia also started working for a reclaimed timber business followed by a social enterprise working with local communities. ANADA came to be as the next natural step for them, leveraging their networks across the country and giving a name to their shared mission for holistic sustainability. "Our individual backgrounds in biotechnical science and community development along with a strong social conscience led us down the sustainability route. We try to be as considerate as we can realistically for the environment in our own lives, and so it made sense to take that and turn it into something that could benefit others," shared Will. 


ANADA works with local artisans and creative groups across the country.


ANADA is built upon a mission to achieve true sustainability – environmental, cultural, and grass-roots economical. From the welfare of the suppliers and artisans to utilizing natural materials in all aspects of the production process, the brand is on a path towards change, one step at a time. "While we try to never stray from the path we are on, achieving true sustainability is a continual concept. We have come a long way with the use of natural or reclaimed materials and better wages and work environments, but there are still miles to go. We live and work in the reality of the country we are in and are just slowly working through the obstacles that come our way with the help of our collaborators," shared Will. 


From left to right: The Natural Black Baskets handwoven from sedge grass and Wicker Plates Wall Hanging by ANADA.


A majority of the ANADA products are traditional handicrafts embedded in the Indonesian culture, which highlights the brand's dedication towards social and cultural conservation. The research and development process for Will and Anysia involves visiting communities of artisans across the country and identifying products of potential. This has led to a wide network of collaborators, including women's' groups, small home-based industries, and organizations for the disabled, that they work closely with. "Part of the reason we work the way we do is so we can identify the origins of these traditional handicrafts, learn more about their history and how they are made, and ultimately offer the highest quality and authenticity we can to our customers. This has also helped us in gradually making a difference to such artisan communities by bringing their product to a global market level, making them realize the true value of their products, and sharing their incredible stories with the world," said Will.


The Watubella Lounge Chair II by ANADA.


Will and Anysia also have plans to continue building on these relationships and creating more innovative products that fit the urban setting while conserving traditional methods of creating, like hand-weaving, natural dyeing, wood carving, and more. They are also working on product development in-house for their own range of furniture that can combat the logistical issues and costs. "The next big step for us is also to branch out from ANADA into an adjunct luxury brand which will carry our premium items. It is probably going to take some time until we arrive there, but meanwhile we plan to continue our work in conservation, trying to build a better future for ourselves, our collaborators, and the world around us," shared Will.