What is it?

Your existing B2B / wholesale clients ("referrals") are warmly invited to shop with Vermillion.  Vermillion will welcome your referrals with a 10% discount on their first purchase (valid for minimum order value of US$100 only).

What are the benefits to you?

• Earn 5% commission on qualified transactions (net of cancellations and refunds, when your referral is not already a customer on Vermillion's platform and not already directly invited by Vermillion)
• Grow B2B / wholesale customer base by gaining new customers from other brand partners and trade affiliates participating in the program

How do you invite them?

  1. Let us know if you would like to join the Trade Referral Program by emailing We can provide an invitation email template for you to share with your clients, including a unique referral code.
  2. Your referrals can enter the referral code at signup, so we can track and credit them to you. Your referrals can also use the unique referral code for their first purchase to qualify for a 10% discount, as long as it meets the minimum order value of US$100.