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  1. 22/7 by Hsu
    22/7 by Hsu Taiwan, China | Fashion

    22/7 by Hsu is named after the apartment on 22nd Street and Seventh Avenue, in Chelsea, New York, that the brand’s founder, Claire Hsu, once lived in. This apartment was the key to cultivating Claire’s designer path in New York and it became the birthplace of 22/7 by Hsu. Located next to the Chelsea Hotel, a building filled with history and artistic significance, the apartment inevitably rubbed off the hotel’s creative vibrancy, allowing Claire to self-reflect, deconstruct what she knew, and eventually give birth to her brand.

    Inspired by the simple urban New York style, her designs encourage the exploration and acceptance of one’s multifaceted self. Claire holds a degree from Parsons School of Design and currently lives between Taipei and Tainan in Taiwan. By integrating the contrasting cultures of New York and Taiwan, Claire hopes to convey a brand new lifestyle through her clothes that encourages women to break boundaries and pursue their dreams. Her designs are primarily inspired by sculptures and architecture, especially those with smooth contours. Claire specializes in 3-D cutting and she uses fabrics as a medium to express her creativity.

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  3. 5IVE SIS
    5IVE SIS Thailand | Metalware

    Based in Thailand, 5IVE SIS is a metalware brand, working mainly with pewter, that aims to translate oriental culture into luxury homeware.

    Their company name comes from the the founder's family of 5 sisters, where everyone adores precious accessories and decorative items.

    5IVE SIS fine pewter products are made with 97% tin and 3% copper and antimony. The pewter is lead-free and safe for food storage. Other materials used in the brand's products are made from high-quality silver, brass, and bronze.

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  5. A.Cloud
    A.Cloud Mainland China | Fashion Accessories

    A.Cloud, based in China and the US, was founded in 2016. The brand is deeply influenced by retro aesthetics and a fascination with simple geometric structures. Finding the perfect balance between classic vintage and modern fashion, A.Cloud designs timelessly stylish, yet functional handbags for independent women.

    A.Cloud values high quality above all and aims to create contemporary handbags at affordable prices with luxury materials and craftsmanship. A strong sense of femininity pervades the brand’s simple and romantic designs.

    A.Cloud believes that an independent woman is multifarious, like the clouds in the sky, kaleidoscopically variable and manifold, unravelling in myriad shades and moods. Being true to her uniqueness, unbounded by conventions, she embraces her own distinctive style.

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  6. agape
    agape Hong Kong, China | Resin Art

    agape is Hong Kong’s first resin art brand founded by artist Rolland Cheung. agape believes that resin art can be applied to many disciplines of art form, including installation, object design, exhibition and interior decoration. The mission of the studio is to produce unexpected art experiences and lead people to an immersive resin art world.

    agape’s artworks can be found in various retail and F&B establishments in Hong Kong, including TIRPSE in K11 Musea and the 360 Bar of the Hong Kong Jockey Club new clubhouse. agape has won the Hong Kong Smart Design Award in 2019 (Bronze) and 2020 (Merit).

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    AJI PROJECT Japan | Homeware

    Founded in 2012 in Kagawa, Japan, AJI PROJECT sculpts locally quarried stones, as the first tools ever used by man, into aesthetic and functional contemporary homeware. Leveraging the eternal, natural qualities of stones – soft roundness, rugged surfaces, unbreakable materiality – they design evergreen products that bring the cool, quiet comfort of nature into your home and life.

    The masonry expertise and skill of craftsmen at AJI PROJECT resolve any difficulties of working with stones. The gravity and natural texture of their stone-made products bring character and a piece of the earth to any space.

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  8. Akiku Aroma
    Akiku Aroma Japan | Wellness
    Akiku Aroma is a Japanese brand dedicated towards promoting holistic healing through aromatherapy.
    Founded in 2004 by a certified aromatherapist, Annie Kikuchi, the brand offers a range of all-natural plant essential oils and aromatherapy-related products made from pure, high-quality ingredients sourced from world class suppliers. Annie has an educational background in fashion merchandising, textile production, aromatherapy, and marketing. She worked at a number of fashion and textile companies before venturing into the healing business. She has held the position of the Aromatherapy Advisor at the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ).
    All the body + massage oils formula for Akiku Aroma products are specially designed, blended, and tested by the in-house aromatherapist in order to achieve the highest products quality.
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  9. Alan Chan Creations
    Alan Chan Creations Hong Kong, China | Designer, Brand Consultant + Artist

    As a designer, brand consultant and artist, Alan Chan and his company have received more than 600 local and international awards during his 51 years of experience in advertising and design.

    In 2017, he was honored by Hong Kong Design Centre as the World's Outstanding Chinese Designer. Since 2000, Alan has ventured into the new arena of fine arts besides commercial design. The ‘Oriental Passion Western Harmony’ design philosophy initiated by Alan has been well-recognized by the international design scene and has brought immense influence on the younger generation of designers.  

    His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore, Chicago as well as Milan. Being twice selected for Shanghai Biennale (2002, 2006) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (2010, 2012), his works of art and design have been collected by institutions such as Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, National Art Museum in China, Shanghai Art Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, M+ and Hong Kong Heritage Museum, as well as private and corporate collectors worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bernardaud, Alessi, Kirin, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, City'Super, Fancl, Franc Franc, Seiko, and the HK International Airport.

    "Looking back on how things have come about in the past 70 years, my world is a stage of dreams, adventures and sharing, which rendered a well-orchestrated theatrical experience of transformation and becoming."
    - Alan Chan

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  10. Alpana Vij
    Alpana Vij Singapore | Art

    Alpana Vij is a contemporary artist based in Singapore. Her practice employs painting, found objects, photography and video to explore themes of perception and what constitutes ‘objective reality’. She is inspired by the Buddhist concept of śūnyatā or emptiness that focuses on the transitory and ephemeral nature and interconnectedness of all phenomena. She seeks to use her ritualized and meditative art making as a reflexive process to question and understand these teachings and to create immersive experiences that poetically engage the viewer in a dialogue.

    Alpana graduated with a BFA from College of Art, New Delhi and received an MFA from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She is also deeply involved in bringing art to the community and has initiated and participated in various projects in Singapore and India.

    Alpana has shown her works at several solo and group shows. Her works are in private collections in Singapore, United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and India.

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  11. ANADA
    ANADA Indonesia | Home Décor and Lighting
    Based in Bali, Anada Limited was founded in 2019 to meet a growing demand for quality and good value sustainable Indonesian products. ANADA’s founders, Anysia Kristanti and Will Shea, have backgrounds in community development and biotechnological science, further strengthening their belief that any contribution – small or big – has great impact to global environment.

    With a range of experience managing local and international projects for clients with a priority for sustainable products, Anada Limited continues to provide a quality and trust-based service delivering products that are sustainable environmentally, culturally, and grass-roots economically.
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  12. Ann Niu Studio
    Ann Niu Studio Mainland China | Artist

    Ann Niu has been practicing calligraphy and Chinese ink painting since she was 5 years old following the works of the old masters. She also learned western oil painting as a teenager. She moved to Japan in 1989, after four years at an art college in Shanghai. She graduated from the Tokyo Musashino Fine Art University, Department of Design in 1995. Between 1995 and 2000, she lived and practiced her art in Korea and the USA.

    Ann Niu’s artistic language is about painting spontaneous lines with ease and grace. She often uses "female figures" and "love relationships" as themes in a contemporary style with a traditional oriental soul.

    She has exhibited in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, France, Holland, and Australia. Her works are also in the collections of several private collectors and institutions, including the Singapore National Art Museum and the HSBC Private Bank (HSBCPB).

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