Ridge Loop Incense Burner

Ridge Loop Incense Burner

Ridge Loop Incense Burner

The Ridge Loop is a simple square, enclosing a series of ripples that center around the bronze ball holding the incense. The ripples traces out a pattern which is circular on one side, and joined at a 45° angle on the other. The trace of the ridges recalls the shape of a waterdrop, a feather, or a mandala.

Dimensions: L10.4 x W10.4 x H1.2 cm

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Our Ridge series of incense holders (or incense burners) explores the intersection of the organic and platonic geometric forms. The movement of water underlies each of the pieces, chosen because water is a central tenet of traditional Chinese aesthetics and sensibilities. Throughout history, the famed Chinese Gardens – always composed with ponds as centerpieces – was a place of calm and inspiration for poets, scholars and the imperial household alike.

Handmade items and natural materials always have some degree of variances in appearance, which are not considered defects or flaws, but make these items more special and one-of-a-kind.

All concrete products are individually hand-made, each one will be different. Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, minor scratches or bumps were all incurred in the production process and are unavoidable due to the nature of concrete. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.

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Large Order Lead Time 15-50 pieces: 3-4 weeks
50+ pieces: please contact cs@vermillionlifestyle.com
Place of Origin Greater China
Primary Material Concrete
Primary Color Gray
Dimensions L10.4 x W10.4 x H1.2 cm
Customizable No
MSRP US$48.00
Care Instruction • We recommend gently wiping with a damp cloth shortly after use. Do not rinse directly under water.
• Metal parts will be very hot during and immediately after burning, care should be taken to avoid injury.
• Avoid contact with oily or colored substances as these will stain the concrete.
• Place this product on silicone mat while burning to avoid smoke damaging standing surface.
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